2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid Test
Non-nucleic acid extraction and closed visualization detection
Package specification:96 tests in the box 
Registration number:DE/CA76/IVD0015/003 
(Medical use only)

Nucleic acid confirmed,An all-closed kit integrating extraction, amplification and detection,Keep the lab safe
1)  The Kit is kept at-20±5°C,the period of validity is tentatively set at 12 months. 
2)  Applicable sample types:Throat swab,Anal swab,Nasal swab,And extracted nucleic acids.
3)  It has a wide range of applications,It can not only meet the needs of rapid detection in large quantities, but also can be used for on-site screening in            primary hospitals. 
4)  In clinical evaluation, compared with RT-qPCR, the results were in good agreement, and the test time was shorter ,the procedure was fewer.

Comparison between fluorescent PCR and Tebsun
SARS-CoV-2Nucleic Acid Test Total Solution
Operating procedures
Interpretation of results
It can be interpreted according to the color change