2019-nCoV IgM/IgG Antibody Test Kit (Colloidal Gold Immunochromatographic Assay)
  •  Fast: Take 10μL of serum/plasma/whole blood sample, and issue the result in 15 minutes. 
  •  Simple: No need for instrument, single person with single card, easy to operate, and 
  •  prevent cross contamination of instrument or reagent.
  •  Convenient: Low laboratory requirements, not limited by places and personnel, conducive to a wide range of hospitals at all Levels.
  •  Flexible: Able to test in batch or in single, to improve the diagnosis efficiency of suspected cases.

Advantages of IgM/IgG combined detection
1. Dual detection can not only indicate the recent infection, but also indicate the past infection, and reduce the rate of missed detection 
2. 15min, the test results can be read directly without equipment 
3. 2019-nCoV  pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version seventh) recommended 
4. Combined detection with nucleic acid kit to improve the diagnosis rate of suspected patients

Test Procedure                                                                                                 Interpretation of Results