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Job Responsibilities
1. Familiar with in vitro medical device product FDA, CE and other registration procedures, formulate product overseas registration plans, follow up the progress of project registration, solve problems in the registration process and report regularly;
2. Responsible for carrying out clinical trials and registration inspections of in vitro diagnostic medical device products;
3. Compile, organize, and initially review product registration materials (in English), and archive the materials of the registered products;
4. Maintain timely communication with foreign agency companies, consulting agencies or relevant functional departments, and effectively communicate relevant information with various departments within the company;
5. Responsible for the renewal of registration and various changes to ensure the legality and validity of product information in overseas markets;
6. Familiar with quality management systems such as QSR820, ISO13485, MDSAP, and be able to cooperate with the system center to do system certification work;
7. Responsible for collecting the latest regulatory requirements of the US FDA, EU CE and other countries, and updating and feedback related information; able to integrate relevant domestic medical device regulations and policies to provide optimization suggestions for product certification plans;

Job requirements
1. Major in biomedicine, bachelor degree or above
2. Possess a theoretical basis in biology, listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
3. Good health, love and dedication, able to adapt to domestic short-term business trips;
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and serious and meticulous working attitude, good communication skills and a spirit of unity and cooperation

Job Responsibilities
1. Be able to actively develop overseas business and complete sales targets;
2. Formulate market development strategies, track business development progress, understand needs, and provide all necessary support to achieve sales goals;
3. Visit customers on site and provide them with necessary product training; solve problems or feedback in the use of customers' products;
4. Participate in international related professional trade fairs, understand the international market and competition conditions, and collect information on customers and competitors;
5. Familiar with overseas business operations, have the courage to challenge, and have a strong market sense of smell;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.

Job requirements:
1 College degree or above, with international sales experience in the medical industry;
2 Proficient in the common sense of international trade and master the skills of international trade negotiation;
3. Familiar with overseas business operations and have a strong market sense of smell;
4. Possess strong learning ability, have a positive work enthusiasm, specific patience and enterprising;
5. Have good foreign language written and oral expression skills