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Agree with Tebsun’s brand culture and business management philosophy, and wish to cooperate with Tebsun for a long time to create a win-win
Understand the medical testing industry, have certain market operation ideas and brand management awareness, and have strong experience in the hospital drug and clinical testing industry
Have certain financial strength and good financial credit
Have a medical device and reagent sales license certificate, and have a fixed advantageous business location
Have a certain degree of anti-risk ability and good teamwork spirit
Possess good local social resources, stable financial, logistics and business teams, and local social resources
New product promotion support
Provide a complete promotion plan and update it regularly; free design of sample products, promotional materials and some sample products are provided by the headquarters for free. According to different situations, the testing equipment can be released or purchased by the manufacturer, and the after-sales service manufacturer fully supports. We, Tebsun, will provide you with the most feasible business model and cooperation plan to make your channels unimpeded.
Training support
The original headquarters of Tebsun will send special personnel to conduct system training and guidance, and special personnel will conduct regional training every year to help local agents improve the quality of the shopping guide team, and provide training CDs, training manuals and other materials; the website customer service support will answer in detail.
Unique business model support
Trimble products will use high-quality design and high-quality internal core technology to ensure a unified brand image standard, ensure the profit margin of agents, an exclusive business model, and a unique fluorescent immune platform, according to the needs of hospitals and patients. Introducing new projects and new products, working together, will surely achieve a win-win situation and create wealth together.
Business support
Tebsun’s products can be used as a rapid and instant detection platform for emergency examination items in the emergency department, cardiovascular medicine, ICU, respiratory department, operating room and other clinical specialties of large tertiary hospitals, and can also be used as an important supplement to the clinical laboratory of various hospitals. Conforming to the requirements of the medical reform, as an important part of the laboratories of community medical institutions, the market capacity and market prospects are huge. Tebsun originally will assist the franchised agent customers to participate in local market surveys, conduct a series of feasibility analysis for the agents, help customers conduct on-site marketing diagnosis, adjust marketing strategies, and maintain the good operation of agents.
Promotion Guide
Tebsun originally invested in national and provincial medical equipment exhibitions, academic conferences, major hospitals, various prints, and online media, and academic conferences and customer exchanges in various regions can be represented by the headquarters and agents according to needs. The business is shared.
Brand advantage
Through 10 years of hard work, Tebsun has risen rapidly in a fiercely competitive market and has become one of the fastest growing and healthiest companies in the domestic POCT industry.
Tebsun originally had a research and development technology center with an investment of tens of millions of yuan. Its core technology has applied for 74 patents for protection, of which 48 are authorized and 20 are authorized invention patents. This has created considerable economic benefits; the establishment of industry standardization has accelerated corporate integration. As China's "leader in the total quantification of POCT fluorescence", Tebsun has a very optimistic market prospect and is firmly advancing towards the ranks of first-line brands.
Tebsun will conduct professional training in sales promotion, promotion, brand building, etc., and provide resource support to ensure a benign market operation, and serve everyone who is interested in entering the medical and health industry.