| Core idea |
Ignite the light of life.

        "Ignite the light of life" is the core philosophy of Tebsun, also the product value of Tebsun. Tebsun has always pursued the Chinese dream and is a loyal promoter of human health services. Tebsun firmly believes that medical testing technology is a business closely related to human life and health. As the creator of the POCT testing platform, we are full of respect and create a harmonious, healthy and beautiful life for mankind. 

| Vision |
To become one of leaders of IVD domestic POCT and chemiluminescence.

| Business philosophy |

Serve customers
create wealth for customers
Customers are Tebsun’s eternal companions, understand customers, and continue to provide products and services that exceed expectations. Your satisfaction is the standard of Tebsun’s success. Strive together with you to create future dreams. 
Respect life
create value for society
Establish an ideal image, insist on obtaining fair returns from the market with professional ability, pursue the humanistic spirit of perfection, respect life, operate honestly and stably, and create a modern enterprise that is harmonious and sustainable with society and nature. 
Excellence and innovation
create first-class quality products
Excellence is the diligent pursuit of career achievement, and innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for career development. Continuously study professional technology, establish a first-class management team to improve efficiency, and manufacture first-class quality products.
Unite and seek talents
grow together with employees
Talents are the capital and precious wealth of Tebsun. Tebsun respects the wishes of employees and the right to choose, and all employees are equal in personality and shared equally in development opportunities. Tebsun advocates a healthy and happy life, provides a good labor and production environment, a harmonious working atmosphere, work is not only to make a living, but also to give us passion, happiness and sense of accomplishment, and inspire individual and team innovation, care and continuous progress.